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Lotteries… fun to play, fun to dream, fun to win

A leader in the lottery industry, Loto-Québec draws on its extensive expertise in research and development, the dedication of its employees and retailers, the efficiency of its distribution network, the rigorous application and integrity of its procedures.

A little lottery history

The Société d’exploitation des loteries et courses du Québec – today known as Loto-Québec – was created in 1969. It was the first lottery corporation to be set up in Canada and the third of its kind in North America. The games of chance sector has considerably evolved since then, and Loto-Québec continued to innovate throughout the years.

Did you know that Loto-Québec was the first lottery corporation in the world to institute terminal-based lottery sales? Discover the milestones of our history.

Loto-Québec’s distribution network and retailers

Loto Québec’s sales force is made up of 8,500 retailers, who each use a game terminal. The network is divided into 44 territories served by merchandising experts who meet with retailers on a regular basis to provide sales support.

In order to provide retailers with sales support, Loto-Québec gives them the information, tools and training they need to carry out their work effectively and, in so doing, ensures that lottery products are sold in a controlled and measured fashion, as required by its mission statement.

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